Thursday, January 1, 2015

Setup CI build on VS Online - Hosted build controller

With your VSO account and team projects created using the account, it’s very easy to have full ALM capabilities integrated to your project. Once you have chosen the version control for your project you can easily hookup a build definition and create CI builds using the hosted build controller provided as part of VS online.
If you are using the hosted build controller, there is no need of any additional hardware resources that needs to be installed or configured for setting up a CI build.
From VS online open the project in Visual Studio and then connect to the team project by selecting the VS online account server as shown below.

Choose Builds to add a new build definition for the project and create a new build definition

One the new build definition screen, give an appropriate name for the build definition.

On the Trigger tab, choose Continuous Integration as the trigger
Setup the source location based on the type of version control used. In my example, we have used Git as the version control system.

On the build controller screen, choose the Hosted Build Controller option. This is the build controller provided as part of VS online and can be used for most of the common scenarios. Refer to this link to see if you need a separate build controller instead of the hosted build controller.

Configure the project to build and other options in the process tab as given below.

Save and close the build definition.
Open the solution in your visual studio and to make some changes to the project
Commit the changes to the master repository (You can check-in) in case of TFS.

After committing, you need to sync the changes to the Git server.

On your VS online account build page or the TFS explorer you can see the CI build queued as soon as your check in done.

Once the build is completed you can check the status and details of the build from the completed tab as given below.

Next we’ll see how to setup your build server on an Azure VM and use that build controller instead of the hosted build controller.

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