Wednesday, January 7, 2015

IAAS - hosting your website in Azure VM

Hosting your website on a Windows Azure VM is as easy as doing it on your own infrastructure. Compared to the private setup, all it needs is couple of additional steps involving creating endpoints and copying your content to the VM. The following tutorial demonstrates how to quickly provision and setup a web server in an Azure Virtual Machine.

Step 1: This step expects that you already have a VM configured in Azure and can access it via the azure management portal. Open the VM from the management portal and navigate to the Endpoint sections.

Step 2: Add a new Endpoint to the VM for the port 80 and 443 as given below. You can avoid the https endpoint if you don’t want to access the site over 443.

Step 3: The final structure should be looking like 

Step 4: Connect to your VM using remote desktop management and then install the roles for Web Server

Step 5: Open IIS and add a new site with the port using 80 and configure the virtual directory location. Since the default website is using the port 80 you may need to stop the default site to access the new website created.

Step 6: Move the contents of your website to this virtual directory.

That’s it now you can access your website by using the cloud services url as given below.

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