Monday, January 12, 2015

Application insights in VS online and Azure

With ASP.NET application Insights it’s now very easy to collect operation, performance and usage information on your ASP.NET web applications. With the data provided by application insights you can quickly detect and act on performance and availability issues.
You can add application insights to your project from visual studio with the combination of an Azure account. Application insights option can be added when you create a project like given below (You'll need to sign up using a Microsoft Azure account)

For existing web applications, you can also choose to add the script to enable insights at a later point of time. Follow the steps given below to get the code to add insights.
  • Login to the Azure portal and choose add application insights option

  • Provide the name of the site and configure the resource group and subscription details.

  • Choose Add code to monitor web pages option

  • Get the script and insert the code in your Layout page or master page as given below.

  • Open the portal to see the insights in your dashboard.

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