Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Visual studio Lightswitch Step by Step – Part 5

Adding screen data
In this post, we’ll create screens to display/ add data to the entities created in the previous post.
  • To add a new screen for creating an order and specifying the details, right click Screens in solution explorer and then select Add Screen. Create a new Data Screen as select Orders as Screen data. Also add the details entity to the screen data for adding details to the order created.

  • In the screen layout, change the customer control type to model window picker control. This will open a new popup search window to select a customer for the order.

  • Similarly change the Products control type to Model window picker control in the details grid.

  • Run the application to add a new order and mention the details.

  • To view the orders placed by a customer, add a new Customer details screen and specify to include the orders entity to the screen as given below.

  • Run the application to see the results.

Next we’ll see how to add calculated properties and custom validations to the application.

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