Monday, April 11, 2011

Visual studio Lightswitch Step by Step – Part 4

Adding choice data and Relationships

In this post, we’ll add new tables for creating orders and order details. We’ll also add relationships between the tables from different datasources (Products & Orders) and use in the application.

  • Right click the solution explorer right click Application data under data sources and select Add table. Name the table Order and add a new field for Payment Type as given below.

  • For the lookup options for Payment type, in the properties, click on the choice list link.

  • In the choice list add the following options and select OK.

  • Now we’ll add a relationship between customer and order. For this select Customer table and click on Relationships from the toolbox commands.
  • Add a One-to-many relationship between customers and orders. You can also specify the delete behavior on the relationship as given below.

  • Add another table OrderDetails for specifying the products purchased in the order and the quantity for each product. Add relationships for Order and Products for this table as given below.

  • The final output of the order details table looks like

Next we’ll see how to create an order and add products to the orders via lightswitch screens.

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