Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DevOps - Remote test execution

Developers can configure visual studio to run tests remotely and concurrently on a configured test controller and agent groups. The architecture should consist of developer machines with VS 2013, at least one test controller with test agents.

The test controller should be installed and configured with a test account that will be used to login to the controller service. The test controller manages a set of test agents to run tests. The test controller communicates with test agents to start, stop and collect test execution result.

Similarly the agents runs as a service that listens for requests from the test controller to start a new test. When a request is received, the test agent service starts a process on which to run the tests. Each test agent runs the same test. As part of agent configuration it is important to register it with a controller.

To setup remote execution of tests from Visual Studio, you need to add a new test settings file and set the test execution method to 'Remote execution'.

After setting the execution mode, now you can associate the tests with a controller by managing controller and agents from the settings window and start execution of the tests on the remote agent.

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