Thursday, June 7, 2018

My new course : Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services published

Over the last 3 months I was busy working on my course on Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services

The course is published by Packt - a leading UK provider of Technology eBooks, Videos and Blogs, and their editors and marketing department has done a fantastic job of helping me with with creative graphics and animations to bring life to this course.

This course is intended for software development professionals who want to learn about Continuous Delivery in a technical value stream as supported by Visual Studio Team Services in order to continually deliver working software at scale. You'll learn how to create, build, test and release a containerized ASP.NET web api to kubernetes cluster on Azure.

The course consists out of seven sections:
  • Introduction to continuous delivery - We'll learn about Continuous Delivery, the business goals and principles of Continuous Delivery
  • Introduction to visual studio team services - We'll learn about the different elements of Visual Studio Team Services and how they function and how using these connected tools you can move your organization to a full-fledged continuous delivery implementation.
  • Setting up the development environment for .net core applications using Docker:
  • Source code management in VSTS : We'll have a look into the Git version control in VSTS and discuss branching strategies like trunk based development and how these concepts relate to continuous delivery.
  • Build management in VSTS : We'll see how to setup a Continuous integration build in VSTS that helps the code stay robust enough that team members can fearlessly make changes to the code base without worrying about breaking existing functionality.
  • Continuous testing : This section we’ll learn how to ensure that an application's components function correctly when assembled together. We'll see how to automate the tests and include them in your Continuous Integration scheme to get the most value from the tests.
  • Release management in VSTS : This section shows you how to do automatic deployments by using Release Management. You'll learn Release Management in VSTS, how it works and how to use release management to deploy our sample application to a Kubernetes cluster on Azure.

The course follows a phased approach to continuous delivery to automate build, deploy and management of .net core applications to Azure Container Services using VSTS ALM. By the end of this course, you'll have the necessary knowledge to create a fully automated build and release pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services for your .NET applications. And don't forget to check the course at

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