Thursday, December 6, 2012

Continuous Quality with Visual Studio 2012

Enabling continuous quality is a key focus area of Update 1for VS2012. With the release for Update 1, code coverage results are available for automated test cases as well as manual tests. You can now record your coded ui tests and analyze the code coverage for these tests. Using the test explorer, you can now analyze the code coverage results for a group of tests or a single test. 

You can also use the test manager to get the code coverage results for the manual test cases, for enabling code coverage, make sure that you deploy the related .pdb files and provide the path for the files in the settings. The test settings also allow you to specify the environment for running the test cases. You can now choose your target build and run the manual tests cases after choosing your settings. Once you complete the manual tests, the code coverage results for the executed tests are displayed along with your build results.

Using Test Explorer, you can group and run tests based on their traits (Test Category, Test Property, Priority, and Owner). You can also pause and resume manual test sessions in Microsoft Test Manager, and automatically create an image log of all actions performed during an exploratory testing session.

Update 1 also supports cross-browser testing, with the ability to record web tests in Internet Explorer and then later replay them with most modern browsers. You can enable cross browser automation by just adding a single line of code to the test methods.
public void SampleCodedUITest()
    BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = "chrome";
You can also use the browser name to be loaded from configuration file for complete automation.

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