Monday, April 20, 2009

Microsoft Project Code Named “Velocity” Community Technology Preview 3

Microsoft project code named "Velocity" provides a highly scalable in-memory application cache for all kinds of data. By using cache, your application performance can improve significantly by avoiding unnecessary calls to the data source. By using distributed cache, your application can scale to match an increasing demand with increasing throughput. "Velocity" distributed cache is provided in the form of a cache cluster, which simplifies your application code by managing the complexities of load balancing behind the scenes. When you use "Velocity," you can retrieve data by using keys or other identifiers, named "tags." "Velocity" supports optimistic and pessimistic concurrency models, high availabilty, and a variety of cache configurations.

You can install a small self-contained environment on your development workstation or use SQL Server to manage a large multi-server cache cluster for your enterprise.

The latest CTP can be downloaded from this location

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