Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scrum - Process

Creating a backlog
The Product Owner compiles all the requests and specifications that are the basis of the changes of the product, such as new functions and bug fixes. After the goals have been defined, the entirety is broken down into segments. Each such segment should in part create business value and in part be sub-deliverable. A prioritized list is made at the same time – the Product Owner personally makes the decisions at this point. In what order should the changes be made and delivered? The result is a todo list arranged according to how the market’s demands and customer’s requests change over time. When it is time to start a new Sprint, the Product Owner “freezes” the foremost items on the to-do list and summons the Scrum Team to a meeting.

The sprint phase
Of the Sprint’s 30 calendar days, the first are set aside to create a Sprint Backlog. When the tasks and required time has been determined, the Product Owner lets go. As of now the Scrum Team works under its own responsibility. If the group has been properly composed, the work will be self organizing.

Daily Scrum
During this meeting the Product Owner informs the team of the items in the product backlog that he wants completed. The team then determines how much of this they can commit to complete during the next sprint. During the sprint, no one is able to change the sprint backlog, which means that the requirements are frozen for a sprint. Each of the participants should in some way answer three questions:
1. What have you done since the last meeting?
2. What will you do between now and the next meeting?
3. Is there anything preventing you from doing what you have planned?
The first two questions give the meeting participants full insight into how the project is progressing. The third question provides a basis for problem solving – ranging from a new computer mouse to organizational changes at the company. Anyone may attend and listen at the meeting, but only the Scrum Master and the team members may speak.

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